Why Have Driver's Licence Eye Screening at an Optometrist?

If you're about to take a driving test, then you'll have to pass an eye screening test before you get a licence. This screening usually takes place at the centre after you've passed the actual driving test itself.

However, you can choose to have this screening done at an optometrist before the day of your test. How does this work and what are the benefits?

How to Have an Eye Screening Test at an Optometrist's Office

Some optometrists offer exactly the same kind of screening as you would have at a testing centre. Some incorporate these basic screens into a more comprehensive eye test.

If you decide to take this route, you book an appointment for a driving screen with an optometrist before you take your test. If you pass the screening, the optometrist gives you a certificate to prove that your eyes are fit for driving.

You may need to take ID with you for identity verification purposes. Some optometrists charge a screening fee or have a small charge for the certificate itself.

On the day of your driving test, you simply show the certificate instead of taking the eye test. This should be enough to tick this box in the licensing process.

Why Have an Optometrist Screening?

If you're short on time, then the administrative process after you pass your driving test may take up more time than you can spare. You may have to wait in line for a long time to get the eye screening if the testing centre is having a busy period.

If you have your screening done in advance by a qualified optometrist, then you bypass this stage. You speed up the process after you pass the driving test so that you won't have to waste time hanging around in the centre for your screening turn.

Plus, if you have a professional optometrist look at your eyes, then you get a more comprehensive screen. If you're worried about whether you'll pass the eye test, you can check this out in advance rather than failing on the day of.

If your optometrist does find problems, they can help you sort them out. For example, if you simply need a change of prescription for your glasses, then you can make the switch early so that your vision meets the right standards before you take your driving test.

To find out more about driver's licence eye screenings, contact a company like For Your Eyes Only and ask about their testing services.

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If you're about to take a driving test, then you'll have to pass an eye screening test before you get a licence. This screening usually takes place at